Deschain was formed in Kokomo, Indiana by friends Bryce Marley and Mike Lang. Originally intended to be cheesy death metal, Deschain now blends progressive black metal with aggressive thrash and death. After relocating to Bloomington, Marley was introduced to Dean Reed. The three of them began writing together and eventually spawned the EP 'Beyond the Distant Shores' and the full length 'Upon the Oaken Throne.'

       Shortly thereafter, Kevin Foran and Adam Fisk joined the group, setting their five-piece line-up. The band went on to record 'Sea of Trees, Forest of Gallows,' its first record as a five-piece. Unfortunatly, it wasn't long after that Lang moved away. While still  involved in post-production, he no longer writes or records.

        As the search for a new guitarist began, the band continued writing and recording their newest album 'Vigilance' as a four-piece. During recording, Fisk introduced longtime friend and guitar player Pat Vollmer. After hitting it off with the group, Vollmer was named the third guitar player, solidifying the five-piece line-up.